Still The Blood

1st Verse (women)
Once I wandered in sin' black night.
There was no way to make my wrongs right.
Then the old accuser, to the Lord did cry.
She is a sinner and now she must die.
Then I head a voice say...

(lead) "Father, I'll go, and I'll pay her sin's debt on Calvary's road.
I'll bare on my body the marks of the cross,
to save this child who is sin sick and lost."

Chorus (everyone)
And it's still the blood that saves from sin.
It's still the blood that cleanses within.
From the highest star in Heaven, to the depth of the sea,
It's still the blood of Jesus that brings victory to me.

2nd Verse (women)
There are those who rely on the works that they do,
And some may count on the times they've prayed through.
But when the battle's over and the victory is won,
I'll go home through the blood of my Father's only son.

Repeat Chorus